XeroPoint Energy offers practical hybrid system design to the international workboat market. Our patented and EPA verified system combines mechanical and electrical power on the same shaft line. This arrangement bridges the efficiency gap between conventional and costly full diesel electric propulsion systems.

Using duty cycle analysis we custom design our solutions to ensure the appropriate percentage of mechanical and electric power is combined, guaranteeing fuel and emissions savings for the owner/operator/charterer.

The XeroPoint hybrid systems were the first in the marine industry. A collection of our projects are highlighted to the right of the page.

Using our experience and knowledge of existing and emerging technologies we develop custom hybrid solutions. Working with your systems integrator or our own we can deliver practical, affordable class approved solutions to meet your operational needs.

Our services include;
1. Duty Cycle Analysis and Mode Definition
2. Concept Design
3. System Comparison Studies - Conventional vs Hybrid vs Diesel Electric
4. Energy Storage Selection
5. Functional Design Specification
6. Project Management
7. Owners Representative - If considering a third party supplier of your hybrid system.
8. Full systems engineering, integration and automation using our pool of hybrid experts.

XeroPoint Energy is an independent company dedicated to the advancement of energy efficient technologies for the workboat owner/operator - we work for you!

Our web site is currently undergoing a refit, we appreciate your patience.



Recent Projects